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Jabosady & Shaun: Hi guys! This is our second post after a while! Still easing into the new life. Thanks for your support for the previous image :)

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"We just started uploading today. We liked the compliments we got from the members so far."


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Jabosady & Shaun's Amateur Couple Blog

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flag as inappropriate RonB    June 13, 2017
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Oh I so want to eat your hot creampie

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    Dec. 18, 2016VResident
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Mmmmmmmn..............I'd love to cum ease my thick hard cock deep into your tight dripping wet pussy!!!

flag as inappropriate saltpeeter    Dec. 14, 2016
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If this is "easing in" then sign me up...

flag as inappropriate pabe_frxx    Dec. 14, 2016VResident
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So cute hairy pussy

flag as inappropriate Dick_Long    Dec. 13, 2016VResident
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Loved the cum dripping from her spread legs cunt!!! AWESOME!!

flag as inappropriate Junkyard Dawg    Dec. 13, 2016VResident
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You have a fantastic body. Can I be next?

flag as inappropriate 946    Dec. 12, 2016

hGorgeous vulva

flag as inappropriate Confusion reigns    Dec. 12, 2016VResident
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Fantastic firm little tits...
An i am loving that hairy, wet, meaty cunt - wish it was my hard cock pumping cum inside your wet fuckhole

flag as inappropriate tigree    Dec. 12, 2016VResident
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flag as inappropriate justrite    Dec. 12, 2016

hairy taco with sauce,yeah,love it!

flag as inappropriate Suckmedry    Dec. 12, 2016
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Very nice!!

flag as inappropriate dovede    Dec. 12, 2016VResident
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Gorgeous and so mouthwatering. Keep 'em cumming

flag as inappropriate Rod    Dec. 12, 2016VResident

Hot, hairy cunt, dripping a huge load of cum.


flag as inappropriateTJ    Dec. 12, 2016

Great catch!!!

flag as inappropriate Hairy Bear    Dec. 12, 2016

Beautiful Creampie Pic. I love your hairy pink pussy and if that were my cum I'd slowly it from your pussy lips

flag as inappropriate Johnnyb    Dec. 12, 2016
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What a sexy slim hot body, sweet lickable pair of titties and such a yummy meaty hot pussy, making my dick so hard! Would love to fill it up with a yummy creamy hot load, too!

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Dec. 12, 2016VResident
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That is a fabulous looking pussy...and a very happy one too. Sweetie, you do an awesome spread! :)

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